5 Steps to A Passion Filled Life

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Have you ever met someone and thought – what a beautiful, lovely, perfect person – how did they get to be so full of life, so great? I wish I had what they have, or could think how they do. We’ve all experienced this at one point or another, regardless of how happy we are with our own lives.

There’s a great saying that goes something like…”only take advice from people who have what you want” – or something very similar. I remind myself of this often when feeling confused about how to create the life I most dream of – the only outside opinions to pay much mind to are from those whom I admire.

When you meet someone who stirs up feelings of envy, jealousy, self-consciousness, etc. REMEMBER, you’re meeting this person for a reason, they have something to teach you, if you’re willing to listen.

It’s always important to keep in mind that wisdom comes from within, from each of our own personal experiences with pain, suffering, and difficult moments that teach us about our own strength and how to find positivity (or the lesson) in the face of anything. Those who you’re most in awe of, or terribly jealous of – they’ve been through a lot to get to where they are now. Never assume that it was easy for them or that all is perfect.

Jenna Goodhand is one of these angels, a truly kind, generous, compassionate person who is devoted to helping others live the most beautiful version of their own lives. To overcome their inner barriers and make their wildest dreams come true. She has taught me so much personally, and today is sharing with you her wisdom on living a life full of passion. Her strategies have been known to work magic in the lives of others, so pay close attention to what you’re about to read, and be sure to implement one or all of these into your life if you’re ready for some positive change.

A quick note: you’re never too old or too young to live a passion-filled life, a good life, a meaningful life, the life of your dreams…whatever you want to call it. Putting these steps into action will quite rapidly improve the quality and richness of life you’re currently experiencing, and who wouldn’t want that?

Now, listen to Jenna…


Imagine the conversation between a child and an adult who has asked them what they want to be when they grow up. What are they saying as they excitedly pour their hearts out on the issues, ideas and activities that make them feel most alive. Can you see their wide eyes and open face brimming with the smile of possibility? They are filled with passion!

It may be hard to believe now, but you too were once this wonder-filled child. Maybe not in your memory, maybe not even out loud or very often. But there were glimpses of this child in all of us at one time. Sadly over the years the words and actions of those in society, those closest to us and most detrimental, those we have towards ourselves can take the sparkle out of the possibilities, dreams and ideas we believe are possible. Many people are living passionless lives because they are so out of touch with what fuels the fire within them.

You can get back there, or if you feel you’ve never been there, I want to share with you 5 steps to get you on your way to a passion filled life.

Love Yourself: Wait, don’t go. I know you’ve probably read this suggestion numerous times before and it seems uncomfortable, overwhelming or vague or you just don’t want to go deep into what that means you’ll have to do. I am happy to share with you further practices of what loving yourself looks like, but for now I want you to imagine being your own parent, sibling or best friend. How would you or do you love a child? Your brother? Your best friend? What do they deserve just because they are here and loveable, just as every person is loveable. How can you show yourself this same level of love? This step is so important because if we don’t love ourselves, why would we be concerned with the outcome of our lives? The more we love ourselves, the more we will live a life aligned with the dreams, goals and aspirations we have.

Keep A Dream Journal: Or if that sounds too uncomfortable, call it a To-Do list. This is an inventory of all the things throughout your daily life you catch yourself saying “I wish I could….” or “I’d love to….”. It can also be a list of all those things that once made you feel alive, like you were in complete bliss! It is far too common to ask someone what they love to do or wish they could do and to fall on an empty answer. But all the time our inner spark is telling us what he or she wants, speaking to us and asking us to recognize what we are here to do. Listen and then write it down. These are the pieces of your own personal puzzle. These pieces will help you build a passion filled life.

Create a Personal Mission Statement: What are you here to do? What are your core values? How do you want to live your life each day? Be open with this statement. It doesn’t matter if you have one line or twenty, make it a personal reflection of what you feel your purpose is. See how it evolves over time. For the next half-year or so, at the beginning of the month write a mission statement and see how it compares to the previous one you’ve written. If it stands true, carry on. If it doesn’t, brilliant, that means you are getting better at knowing yourself, tending to your own thoughts, dreams and goals. Having a mission statement will help you in those times you feel lost, confused or hopeless. Find comfort knowing you not only have a purpose. You have a mission.

Be Patient: Everyone wants results now. Why wouldn’t we? Now is sooner than later and later often means that more has to happen before we get the results we want now. If you take one thing away that will help you with all of your life challenges and goals recognize that nothing happens in an instant. There are always steps, actions, thoughts, intentions that have taken
place before anything, especially the really big somethings. Accept that you are growing. Always. Take daily action steps to help you with your growth and know that over time your efforts will compound into big payoffs. Enjoy the journey, by making it about your growth, about trying new things, nurturing positive and encouraging thoughts and finding yourself along the way.

Surround Yourself With People Who Make You Feel Alive (And Get Rid Of Those That Don’t): I wish I didn’t have to mention this one. It can often stir up guilt as people immediately think of all those in their lives that have always brought negativity, pain and resistance into their lives. I’m sorry. You will have to work through each of these relationships in their own way, either by cutting them off completely or limiting your time with them, but when you feel you can’t do it, think about how you’d feel if you knew you were the negative energy is someone else’s life. We all need to find our way. You disconnecting yourself from the negative IV may be the catalyst for someone else to change their life too. Instead surround yourself with those that make you feel full of possibilities. If you don’t know these people personally read their books, watch their videos or listen to their music. One of the fastest ways to feel passion run through us is to connect with others who have it running through them. See what feeling full of passion looks like, sounds like, feels like. We are a product of those we spend the most time with. Find those who are in the place you next want to be.

Finding your passion, what makes you feel alive and excited for the future, is not always easy. Sadly, that’s why so many people don’t feel purpose driven or on the right path. But it isn’t impossible and nothing is more worth it. Love yourself and know you have the right to live the life you dream of and also that you have inside of your everything you need to create spaces in your life that make your heart shine. Share that shine with others, and find those who are already shinning and tandem on each others shine. Keep track of the things that stimulate the parts of your brain, heart, and soul that make you want to do more and maintain faith, patience and persistence towards achieving these.

I wish you love, light and passion filled days!


Jenna Goodhand helps people to realize their dreams and connect with the best versions of themselves every day as a life coach and owner of Personal Vitality Coaching. She is also the Executive Director of Saving Lives with Forks and Knives, and founder of The Hive London, a collaborative space for local businesses and community leaders who offer services and opportunities to help you grow and succeed from the inside out.

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