Love and Sharing It + Healthy Christmas Cookie recipes

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I hope you are all enjoying the anticipation and preparations for Christmas-time!  And that you are feeling good, inside and out, physically and spiritually.  This can often be a stressful time, feeling the need to do a lot, find the perfect gifts for everyone, make extra money to pay for these gifts, cook lots, and try to keep up with … Read More

A perfect lunch salad

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Hi friends! How goes the challenge?  I hope you are being a bit more mindful when making food choices…I know I am.  Baked goods are, I think, the tough one this time of year.  They are here in abundance and hard to resist.  It is for this reason that I think the rule of thumb – only eat ones that … Read More

8 Happy Foods to Brighten your Winter

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As the snow continues to fall, let’s all aim to keep in mind the best foods we can be eating to help us feel a sense of well-being and positivity. The following are the top mood balancing foods in existence and how they work their magic in our bodies: Raw cacao: stimulates serotonin production in the body, the “bliss” hormone; in … Read More

New Beginnings

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When we make a decision in life, it opens up all sorts of new doors and sets our life on a path that we would never have otherwise known.  It can be tough to come to a decision sometimes, painfully tough, with feelings of self-doubt, fear (of the inevitably unknown), and love (of comfort, routine, or whatever it may be) … Read More