The Feeling of Fall + Change

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There’s a distinct feeling that comes over us this time of year, as the evenings become cooler, the daylight shorter, our lives shifting alongside the days.  As the seasons change, we too do.  This is the beauty of life, that the only constant thing, the only thing that never changes, is the presence of change in our lives.  Until we … Read More

Lessons from Nature: Patience

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One lesson nature teaches us humans well, constantly, is that we cannot control it.  There will be snowstorms, 6-month long winters, weeks of rain, seasons of drought, and we must all the while sit back and surrender.  We must put on a smile, bundle up, drag ourselves out and live life regardless of how much we wish not to.  Or, … Read More

Making the Time for What’s Important

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There are times in life for all of us when we are confronted with so many things to do, put in our schedule, feel obligated to (or guilty about), one thing after another running through our minds that we could…or should…be doing at any given moment.  These are the very times when it is essential and most important for us … Read More

Anti- or Pro- Valentine’s? 3 things that will bring love into your life, no matter your status.

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This time of year can bring up strange feelings for many of us.  Valentine’s Day is a holiday invented to “brighten” a month that previously did not have one.  Thank goodness we now have Family Day (in Canada) as well, to take a day off from work to spend with those we love!  Because as we all know, buying things … Read More

The way of the Creative + Raw Hot Coco-late

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The following is a post I contributed to another blog back in November, and is perfectly suited for today – with everything padded and silenced by a fresh layer of wonderful white stuff!  Think of the feeling of school snow days and savour this moment, amazing friends.  We’ve had a lot of these special days this winter, for a reason?  … Read More

The Truth about What You’re “Doing” with Your Life + Pumpkin, Shiitake & Feta Tacos

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Very few of us actually know the answer to this question – what do you want to do/are you doing with your life?  That’s the truth.  Its a pretty difficult question to answer, even if we are lucky enough to know, and is overwhelming to say the least.  If someone asks you this, instead of immediately feeling a sense of … Read More

Find the Path to Your Future

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“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” –Lewis Carroll 1. What do people continually ask you for advice on, or come to you to talk about? This is a form of your genius, wisdom, what you hold within you that other people value.  Pay attention to this, and follow it.  We are all here … Read More