In This Together

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“He who sees a need and waits to be asked for help is as unkind as if he had refused it.” -Dante Alighieri   This thought sparked something for me that I think deserves to be reflected on in more depth. There are two sides to this. And either way we look at it, offering or allowing ourselves to receive … Read More

Finding the Upside of Winter

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What sorts of thoughts and feelings does wintertime bring up for you? Are you basking in the joy of your favourite winter sports and coziest jacket, blankets and fires…or are you dreaming of tropical paradises (or maybe even flying off to them!) and counting the days until summer? Are you content, annoyed, sick, peaceful, anxious, sad, or somewhere in between? … Read More

5 Steps to A Passion Filled Life

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Have you ever met someone and thought – what a beautiful, lovely, perfect person – how did they get to be so full of life, so great? I wish I had what they have, or could think how they do. We’ve all experienced this at one point or another, regardless of how happy we are with our own lives. There’s … Read More

Show Your Love Every Day of the Year

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Valentine’s Day just passed not long ago, and I always have the inclination to write something about love at this time of year – not surprisingly, because this is when everyone is going out of their way to show it. I know many people tend to dislike the holiday, due to its commercialized and exclusive nature – I don’t blame … Read More

Getting Comfy with Fear

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If there’s one thing we learn as life goes along, one lesson that keeps presenting itself in different ways to us until we get it, its that we’re all essentially the same at our core level of humanity.  We humans all experience fear, pain, loneliness, worry, regret, joy, love, and peace – the whole range of emotions and states of … Read More