Why support a CSA?

I know you are here because you care about our future, the well-being of your daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and generations to come, and that you care about preserving the Earth that sustains us.

Buying a CSA isn’t really just about getting fresh vegetables every week (although that is absolutely wonderful!) – it’s about believing in the importance of a more local economy, knowing who is growing your food and how they grow it, it’s caring for your health and making the connection between what we eat and who we are, and it’s about giving a shit about how we impact the planet while we’re here.

Purchasing a CSA, eating more organically-grown vegetables, it’s a revolutionary act. Because you’re putting your money where your values are and declaring that you are willing to do something to change the things that are wrong with our world.

Sound good? Keep reading!


The farm where we grow the vegetables for our Summer CSA shares is located in lovely Avonbank, Ontario, just between Stratford and St. Marys. This is the same farm that my father has grown food on for over 30 years, right across from the dairy farm where my family has been milking cows for close to 100 years. Feeding people and working the land, it’s in our blood. I didn’t realize this until I left the countryside and discovered my own connection to Nature. I had a strong thirst for growing something a little bit different (vegetables!) while living in the city and began gardening with children who have never been on a farm. You can learn a bit more about my city “farming” here.  I’ve since interned on an organic vegetable farm in Copetown and decided to move back to the home farm to start a CSA for the Stratford community and re-establish some self-sufficiency. I’m proud to be evolving our family farm in a small way for the next generation. We’re excited to have laying hens soon, too!


I named this garden in honour of my Grandmothers, Anne and Mabel, because I have specific and fond childhood memories of them both tending sizeable home plots each season, providing and preserving much of the produce needed for the family throughout the year. I think many of us have such recollections of our grandmothers. Incredible women, taking care of their large families by the sweat of their own brow. I’m inspired by their hard work and wisdom, and also the sense of taking care of their family’s own needs. Unfortunately, many of these gardens no longer exist, with the grocery store and large industrial farms changing our food system dramatically over the past several decades. My hope is that with grandma’s garden, we can hearken the ways of our homesteading grandmothers and bring their sensible, simple traditions back into our lives where they belong for good.

Collard Greens
Mixed Greens
Swiss Chard
Fresh herbs

2016 Farm Season
18-20 weeks of farm-fresh veggies

Delivery available for Stratford and St. Marys region.




6 items

per week average
from June to October
for 18 to 20 weeks



8 items

per week average
from June to October
for 18 to 20 weeks



10 items

per week average
from June to October
for 18 to 20 weeks



How it works

  • Prior to the farm season (March-May), contact us at gratitudefood@gmail.com to order your desired size of share
  • Once things get growing in mid- to late-June, you’ll begin to have a weekly basket of fresh, nutritious vegetables delivered to you each Wednesday (or you also have the option of picking up the vegetables on the home farm)
  • The number of items varies slightly each week, depending on what is growing and ready to harvest at the time
  • Enjoy your garden-fresh goodness each and every week until the season draws to a close in October
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Common Qs & As:

Q: There are two of us. What size of share should we get?
A: A small share is usually sufficient for 1-2 people, unless you like to eat a TON of vegetables each week – which is amazing, too.

Q: Will a large share be enough for my family of 6?
A: It depends how many vegetables you eat. You may wish to supplement what you’re receiving in your CSA basket with additional vegetables from somewhere else – OR, you can always request if extra items are available that week at an additional cost.

Q: Do you deliver right to my home?
A: Yes! Right to your doorstep, each Wednesday. As long as you live within the general Stratford and St. Marys region. Otherwise, you’ll need to pick up your veggies on the farm.

Q: Can I choose which vegetables I want each week?
A: The items in your share each week reflect what is growing and ready at that particular time. Some weeks, there is more variety than others. For this reason, if you are having your share delivered to your home, we choose a variety for you. This spreads the share fairly amongst all members, hence the term “share.” If you’d like to pick which items will make up your share, you’re more than welcome to come out to the farm on Wednesday afternoons/evenings!

Q: What if my family doesn’t eat/want a certain type of vegetable?
A: If you know there is a particular kind of vegetable that you aren’t going to eat if given to you, please do let us know when you sign up (from the list of vegetables above). We’re happy to give these veggies to other families so that they don’t get wasted and you can enjoy something different!

Q: What happens if I miss a week/am going on vacation?
A: If you know you’re going to be away for a certain week(s) during the season, you’re welcome to give your share for that week to a family member or friend, who can come to the farm for pick-up, or we can deliver to them if they’re in the area. As a second option, you can spread your extra (missed) items from that week over the week prior and the week following your trip, to make them up. Your missed share must be spread over two weeks. Whichever option you decide – please notify us in advance of what you’d like to do.

Who a CSA is for:

  • Someone who wants to make sustainable, future-minded food choices
  • Someone who wants to support local farms and economies
  • Someone who believes in and understands organic growing methods
  • Someone who enjoys vegetables and eats a lot of them!
  • Someone who is open to trying new or unfamiliar types of food and recipes
  • Someone who enjoys cooking and appreciates FRESH ingredients
  • Someone who values good food and will pay more for it
  • Someone who cares for their family’s health and well-being and connects this with food
  • A conscious consumer and citizen