Gently transforming the temptation towards fear

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Today is obviously an incredibly significant moment in history that we’re all living through, and coming to terms with. It’s not something we can ignore or remain indifferent to, no matter our political stance or general philosophy of life.

Moments like this force us out of ourselves, out of our trance, outside our own little worlds and minds. We have no choice but to choose how we wish to relate to what is happening within the structures of our current society. We are being pushed beyond.

What does this mean? What do we do now? What will happen in the coming years? What do I have the power to do? What do I believe in? What am I afraid of? What can I learn from this? How will I choose to see this?

Ironically, this is a gift. The most difficult moments in life are. Those we sometimes wish never happened  – in hindsight – become the same moments that everything changed. Because they needed to. We suddenly woke up and realized…something is terribly wrong here. I can no longer sit around and be less than I am capable of being, pretend not to care, to feel small and helpless.

If the structures of our society leave us feeling impotent and afraid, we have no choice but to create our own rules – to locate our own power, peace, love, and joy. We can’t sit and wait for someone else in a position of leadership to create these life-giving things for us. Because in this case, we can be sure they most definitely won’t.

We’ve reached a moment in history where we realize that we have the power to change things, because there simply is no other way but to lead with our own everyday lives, choices, and actions.

We must recognize this gift for what it is instead of succumbing to more fear, hopelessness, apathy. We must wake up now instead of going back to sleep. It is a responsibility, ours simply by being alive at this moment in time.

Now is when we collectively begin to truly turn things around. Counterintuitively. This is where we bring our inherent light into what may seem very dark. Find it. I believe in us!

Love and light to all,


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