Lessons from Nature: Appreciating Fully & Letting Go

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It’s been a while…but right now is the perfect time for another lesson for us from the ever-wise, all-knowing nature. This time, we’re being called, reminded, to appreciate all that’s coming to life and surrounding us during this season of growth, renewal, new things, ideas, and inspiration.

First off, the key is to notice all that’s happening and wonderful around us. What’s been your favourite part of Spring so far this year? The first crocuses peeking up out of the ground, the vibrant forsythia blossoms, the incredible magnolias exploding in all their gorgeous glory, the long-awaited start of asparagus season, the intoxicating aroma of lilacs filling the air? Noticing what sort of feelings and joys this time of year stirs within us is an incredibly important, and simple, way to fully appreciate each fleeting moment of life itself.

If you’re anything like me, you love it all, and find yourself clinging to each precious moment as it arises (and there’s so many of these this time of year!). I can’t quite believe, when I really think about it, that I won’t see the magnolia trees bursting to life again for a whole year. Or that, once the time has passed, I won’t be able to smell that sweet, true, perfect scent of lilac until next year at this time. I better enjoy this fully while it lasts, I think! A couple of weeks ago, I could often be found lingering or dancing around a lilac bush, sniffing and smiling.

Maybe I’m just overly sentimental when it comes to plants, but this sure is a great way to savour the moment in all its natural wonder. To be grateful for the simplest pleasures.

The other side of this picture, this practice of being present with the wholeness of life, is to let go when the time has passed. This, I have much more trouble with. These precious, but oh-so-temporary moments in the rhythm of nature’s seasons are a perfect lesson in life itself.

When fresh strawberries show themselves for the first time in months (particularly here in Canada), it’s only natural that we’re going to want to gorge on as many of them as possible – we’ll cling and feast until they just aren’t good anymore. And then we let go and move on to…raspberries, blueberries, PEACHES. This letting go allows us to enjoy these other pleasures fully. It also teaches us to avoid having strong preferences, say for one fruit or another, one season or another. The same principles are true for the seasons of our lives.

If it helps to understand this lesson on the most basic level, trees do not resist or fight when their blossoms wilt and fall, flowers don’t cry and grasp at strings when their petals shrivel. They take their moment, enjoy their time in the spotlight completely and without any reservations, then disappear with grace.

We humans cause ourselves trouble when our conscious minds create thoughts that we cling to, or things that we don’t want to let go of. Holding onto something or being unwilling to let it go keeps us from seeing the next beautiful thing that life has in store. If we don’t let the asparagus go at some point, we can’t move on to savouring the amazing tomatoes or squash – or asparagus again for that matter! We’d get sick of it, actually, and miss the point of life completely. The constant change that keeps us present and grateful.

Appreciate what you have right now, the abundance of life, while always trusting that there is more where everything wonderful came from. There is always more than enough for each of us in every moment. If we take care of her, of ourselves, and of those around us, nature will reliably provide for us time and time again.


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