Lessons from Nature: Patience

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One lesson nature teaches us humans well, constantly, is that we cannot control it.  There will be snowstorms, 6-month long winters, weeks of rain, seasons of drought, and we must all the while sit back and surrender.  We must put on a smile, bundle up, drag ourselves out and live life regardless of how much we wish not to.  Or, we can pull on a blanket and our favourite slippers, sit by the fire, read a book and think of how lucky we are to be warm and dry.  You see, nature will always do what she likes, in her own time, regardless of what it is that little us wants.  This seems obvious, but we really have two choices: we fight and curse what is, wishing it were different, or we accept what is – and simply surrender. To anything in life really, this applies, make your choice. Daily, moment after moment, until it becomes a habit.

This week, as I eagerly intended on planting my summer garden – desperately, almost – the rain just kept on coming. I am on a schedule, you see.  I wondered, if you don’t dry up and let me prepare the soil to plant seeds, how will things grow as I want them to? As I want them to. This is the thing, things grow in their own good time – plants, ideas, projects, people, organizations, relationships. Nothing can be forced or manipulated. In fact, the more we try to push and control this natural process, the less organically it is able to happen. Interesting…

And this, I feel, is why farmers are among the wisest souls I’ve met. They’ve been forced to learn this lesson time and again. They subject themselves to it, because it is a fundamental requirement of living. Despite my best efforts, I ultimately have no control over what happens here. Things grow or they don’t, weather “cooperates” or it doesn’t. This is life, messy and imperfect, unpredictable.

What we can control however, is our attitudes and beliefs around nature and the universe. You may believe in God, Buddha, Allah, the Divine Mother, unicorns, or none of the above. What it comes down to, regardless of what we believe in, is this: the universe, existence, life, nature, what have you supports us all and I trust that everything will turn out okay. I have faith that things will grow and evolve as they need to. OR, the world is a difficult, cruel, meaningless place where bad things happen. I don’t have faith or trust that things will happen as they should. Which feels better here? Another choice we make moment after moment.

Patience is not only a virtue, it is something we must absolutely understand, respect, and cultivate if we are to love peacefully and live positively in this world.

Let’s all take the time to accept what we cannot control with gratitude, and to trust all that we need will be given to us in abundance. Including important life lessons.

To a bountiful season!


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