Lessons from Nature: Savour the Moment

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Chive blossoms.  Once a year they happen – just once, and often for only a few weeks.  These vibrant, bright purple blooms bring their beauty quickly, show it off lavishly against all the exploding green this time of year, and then go as quickly as they came.  We won’t experience them again for another whole year.  Can’t even be bought in stores.

Same goes for all wild flowers – nothing is the same as tulips growing in your own garden, daffodils, LILACS.  That smell – savour it while you can.  As I sit writing this, the smell of lilac fills my nose from a vase full of them on the table.  Nature teaches us this lesson so sweetly every year – reminding us how special it can be when we truly appreciate the beauty and specialness of a fleeting moment – right now.  Only when we slow down to smell, or taste, or feel how good something can be at its own special time, do we truly understand how important it is to enjoy this while it lasts.

All of a sudden, when you smell lilac, or see the chive blossoms emerging, or taste a garden-fresh tomato, feelings and memories come rushing back from the last time you experienced this unbeatable pleasure.  Keep in mind that these feelings are available to us all, each and everyday – yet do we all experience them?  Another equally suitable title for this post could have been Stop and Smell the Roses.  You’ve heard this, but what if you were to actually practice its teaching, in each and every moment of your day?  Sometimes, its not so simple as literally smelling flowers or listening to birds – although nature can be an excellent reminder and guide to bring us into awareness.  Sometimes, we have to accept what is, find peace and gratitude for whatever life is bringing us right now, although it can be challenging or difficult.

Enjoying the moment, living in the present, seems simple enough in theory – but it can take a lifetime to learn and appreciate this skill, its an art really.  For me, this is always something that I strive towards, a constant work in progress.  I have found nature’s simplicity and perfection to be an excellent guide along my journey.  I hope you will too – remember if you take the time to listen, nature has a great deal to teach – I would argue many of life’s most important lessons.

If you would like to consciously make the time to stop everything, commune with nature, and smell her roses – I encourage you to consider attending the Inner Joy Weekend Retreat in the Countryside on June 28th and 29th – facilitated by myself and experienced yoga and meditation instructor, Javad Khansalar.  This is a crash course in living in the moment.  Javad is an amazing life teacher, who uses the practice of traditional yoga and meditation to help his students reflect inwards, finding inner peace and joy that radiates out to others.  He has been my personal mentor for 4 years, and the way I live my life would not be the same without his wisdom and guidance.  I would love for you all to have the chance to meet and learn from him!

You can find all details about the retreat or reserve your place here.


In the meantime, please enjoy some chives and their blossoms anywhere you can!  The blossoms are edible and taste very intensely of chives.  They make a wonderful garnish for salads, pasta dishes, soups – anything!

ImageMy simplest recommendation is to roast, boil, or BBQ some new potatoes, and dress simply with good butter and/or olive oil and minced chives!  So good.

Loving this moment,


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