Rejuvenating, Whole Foods Meal Plans
that will change your perspective on life

You are a part of nature, connected to all of its cycles, all of its beings, all of its energy. This sacred period of eating consciously is here to gently remind you of this.

Beyond simply de-stressing, simplifying how we eat and being conscious of its quality will vastly improve our digestive systems, and in turn boost our immunity to illness.

Fibre is our friend because a great portion of our immune system is contained within our digestive tract. Therefore good digestion = good immunity to illness.

If we want to be well, we’ve gotta keep things running smoothly!  Paying attention to your bodily cues is incredibly important and empowering.

Winter Serenity
Winter is all about hibernating, reflecting, building up energy for the coming months.  Think of yourself as a tree, or an animal storing up underground – all of our energy is focused inward during this season so that we can blossom to our full, incredible potential when the warmer months roll around.

Spring Renewal
Sun and rain are working together help things grow – including yummy fruits and vegetables for us to eat.  Flowers and trees are bursting with life that you can hear growing, if you listen close enough.  And so are we!  If we treat our bodies and spirits well during this time, following nature, we too will burst to vibrant life and beauty – a full expression of our human potential that has been building up over the winter’s rest.

Summer Abundance
In summer, Mother Nature puts on a fabulous, showy display of all that she is capable of providing for us. It’s a perfect time to eat light, refreshing meals that will rehydrate, reenergize, and perhaps rejuvenate our bodies after a summer of many BBQs, holidays, and fun.  Summer is a time for lightness and energy, so let’s ensure that we are eating in tune with the season.

Autumn Retreat
The fall is an excellent time to clean up our digestive systems, and in turn boost our immunity to illness over the tough, cold winter months and busy holidays. A week of conscious, nutrition-boosting eating during what can be a time of heavy comfort foods and indulgence.

What you’ll get:

  • Complete Cleanse Guide centred around seasonal recipes that will deeply nourish your body, satisfy your soul, and re-connect you to the Earth
  • In depth tips about how to approach the cleanse period, be gentle with yourself, and best align your spirit with the current season
  • Regular email support and inspiration from me throughout the period of your cleanse
  • A basket of fresh, organic vegetables delivered to you for the Summer or Fall Cleanses (available in the Stratford/St. Marys region at an additional cost)

+ add a basket of veggies for $25