Show Your Love Every Day of the Year

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Valentine’s Day just passed not long ago, and I always have the inclination to write something about love at this time of year – not surprisingly, because this is when everyone is going out of their way to show it.

I know many people tend to dislike the holiday, due to its commercialized and exclusive nature – I don’t blame them and totally agree! There was an Anti-Valentine’s, transgender dance party happening in Hamilton this weekend and I thought that sounded like an absolutely awesome idea.

However, I do enjoy that this “holiday” is a simple reminder to share love with others – to tell and show those we love how much we care – this is so important.

At the end of the day, we all want to feel loved and we want to express it to others – because love is what we are.

Discovering or rediscovering this innate part of ourselves is the ultimate purpose of our lives. Think about that!

There should be a better, truer name for it than Valentine’s Day, and quite frankly, we need to be celebrating this holiday every day of the year.

I spent this Valentine’s Day with my nieces and nephews (as well as my beloved Joe and family, of course) and was truly grateful to be spending time with all of those who I love the most. This quality time with kids brought to mind the importance of fairy tales and the power of the imagination, when it comes to living in love every day.

Small children believe in anything that their minds can dream up. Santa Claus, superheros, miracles, magic…the possibilities are not limited by “reality.”

My nephew thinks he is Captain America and that he can do anything. My niece thought she would magically arrive at the cottage she was so excited about up North, just minutes after leaving home. They cried when we had to leave and asked – why do you have to work??

Then come along us adults, who have to break the cold, hard “truth” to them (or do we?)…humans don’t fly, we have to work every day, fairy tales don’t exist, nothing is perfect, and things take time.

I can’t bring myself to tell beautiful children with endless, open minds – full of hope and possibility – these things and I simply don’t understand that anyone can (poor parents!).

When did we become so hardened, so jaded, broken-down and limited in what we believe to be possible?

One thing I know for sure is that if you believe something to be true or possible – it absolutely will be so in your life, in your “reality.” Of course there are exceptions to this rule, because there always are – flying for instance – but then, we humans did “miraculously” invent airplanes, and our reality forever changed. We evolved because there were those among us who refused to stop at what the vast majority thought to be plausible.

Each of us creates our own version of reality, the type of world that we wish to live in.

To impose our own beliefs of what is possible on others is not ethical in my mind, utterly pointless – and perhaps even detrimental or violent in some cases.

Who are we to break someone else’s dream, no matter what the scale of it is?

If you believe that there is a perfect person or place in the world out there for you, you will find them.

If you believe fairy tales don’t exist, that no one is perfect, that life is hard – then this will be true for you.

I choose the first option here, most of the time. When I’m stuck thinking otherwise, I know other people’s limited ideas of what’s “realistic” or possible are floating around in my head, taking up space and precious energy.

If I could maintain a childlike innocence and sense of possibility, curiosity forever – I absolutely will. This is worth striving for.

“The moment I heard my first love story, I went in search of you.”   ~Rumi

rumi loveWe all have our own love stories, or stories we tell ourselves about love. Whatever yours is, I hope that it’s the perfect version of whatever fairy tale you believe in.

So, why is this important? Why is it revolutionary to deeply consider how you relate to love?

Love and life, they will destroy you, if you let them. They’ll destroy everything you believe and know to be true. Then, only after sifting, trudging, through the bullshit that we’ve come to understand as real life, can we emerge to see the glorious, blissful, beauty that is pure love ~ fairy tale, dreams becoming real, unconditional acceptance.

What many of us don’t know, is that we can cut out a great deal of this in-between suffering, if only we can hold onto our steadfast, childhood innocence and unwavering belief that

anything is possible

everyone is good

and life = whatever we can imagine

Idealistic – yes.

Impossible – no.

I believe in fairy tales! What kind of life do you want?


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