The Deeper Meaning of Vegetables (my journey to becoming a veggie queen)

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Humble. Wholesome. Traditional. Powerful. Life-Altering. Vegetables?!! Sometimes (or I would argue, often) the simplest things in life hold the most significance and importance. The course of our lives can be completely altered by these things that no one tends to notice or pay much attention to. For me, that thing was vegetables. I still remember hanging out in my mother’s … Read More

The Feeling of Fall + Change

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There’s a distinct feeling that comes over us this time of year, as the evenings become cooler, the daylight shorter, our lives shifting alongside the days.  As the seasons change, we too do.  This is the beauty of life, that the only constant thing, the only thing that never changes, is the presence of change in our lives.  Until we … Read More

Lessons from Nature: Patience

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One lesson nature teaches us humans well, constantly, is that we cannot control it.  There will be snowstorms, 6-month long winters, weeks of rain, seasons of drought, and we must all the while sit back and surrender.  We must put on a smile, bundle up, drag ourselves out and live life regardless of how much we wish not to.  Or, … Read More